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What are the tasks of permanent security
- 2020-07-08-

What are the tasks of permanent security

The services that our resident security can complete include the following four points:

1. Guard patrol

①Guardian service: According to the contract signed by the service, the service business of guarding the entrance and exit of the client unit, verifying information, and checking the information of the registered personnel is required. The specific responsibilities are to check and register the identities and certificates of the client units entering and leaving; to check and confirm the incoming and outgoing vehicles including the loaded materials to ensure the safety of the client unit’s property; to guide the vehicles, clean up irrelevant personnel, and maintain the routine work of the client unit Order etc.

②Guardian Service: In accordance with the service contract, the service of guarding and guarding specific targets is required. The specific task is to set up a necessary guard post to strictly control the guarding target within the guard's line of sight; closely observe various abnormal phenomena within the guardian's visible range, not let go of any suspicious people and things, and take care of it in time Deal with the problems that occur in the guard.

③ Patrol service: In accordance with the service contract, the service business that requires patrol inspection and guard against specific areas, locations and targets. The specific responsibilities are to maintain normal order in the patrol area; protect the safety of key targets in the patrol area; check, discover and promptly plug and eliminate hidden dangers, loopholes and unsafe factors in prevention, prevent various cases and accidents from happening; detect and stop All kinds of illegal and criminal activities, and arrested criminals in force.

2. Resident security service. According to the security needs of specific customers, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, we will develop a targeted security plan for each customer in line with their actual conditions, and send the most professional security personnel to the customer unit. The security company and the customer Under management, a comprehensive security service is provided to ensure that every customer has legal rights and production and living order.

3. High-end human guards. According to the security needs of specific customers, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, some high-end elite security personnel and teams with top quality, rich security experience, well-equipped, special training, and relevant security guarantees provide customers with a comprehensive and high Standard security services.

4. Security for large-scale events. According to relevant laws and regulations, it can undertake various types of cultural performances, exhibitions, sports events and other large-scale security services. First of all, we need to negotiate with customers to understand the specific and detailed security requirements, security levels and standards of the event. After that, it is necessary to survey the activity site with the customer, conduct a risk assessment, and formulate a security work plan based on local conditions, and conduct a simulated security drill based on the plan. Finally, a capable security force is selected to station to maximize the safety and order of large-scale events.