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What are the service contents of the business special insurance service
- 2020-07-08-

What are the contents of the business special insurance service

OurBusiness Special SecurityIncluding the following three service contents.

1. Corporate Security Consultant

According to the safety needs of specific customer groups, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, special business insurance assists customers in need to formulate or improve various safety management systems, regular project assessments,Corporate security training andConfidential security system. includeNetwork information security assessment,Physical attack damage assessment, trade secret protection status and other items, you may suffer from illegal intrusion, employee risk,Monitoring and monitoring of electronic signals,Comprehensive confidentiality system design,Evaluation of computer network security, etc., and submit a feasible implementation plan.

2. Business security consulting

Business special insurance is for enterprises, institutions, social specific organizations,Institutions,Or individuals provide security precautions, security system regulations, security awareness training, and business consulting activities such as security engineering, installation, commissioning, and use of home alarm systems.

3. Body guard

According to the safety needs of specific customers, and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Business Special Security provides portable, vehicle, resident, and on-site security services. It is mainly responsible for the arrangement of the customer's travel route, the choice of hotel accommodation, and the security assessment of the business activity location; grasp the security object Activities, communication, and implementation of safety measures;Assist in the safety-related life services and medical and health care work, and protect the personal and property safety of specific objects;Observe and grasp the surrounding situation keenly, strengthen prediction and defense.