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Security Services Limited’s Management System
- 2020-07-08-

Security Services Limited’s Management System

Our company has a strict management system for company management, which can be roughly divided into the following eight points:

1. The security work of the office building is in charge of the security department. The company office must effectively strengthen the management of security, ensure that security personnel perform security duties, strictly implement various security measures, and ensure the safety of the office building.

2. Strictly visit registration system. All the staff who come to the company will be notified to the relevant department by the guard, and registered on the visit registration form, indicating the reason, and then the relevant department will receive it. Put an end to the phenomenon of random clashes of outsiders within the company.

3. The security personnel of the office building must do a good job in ensuring the safety of each department. Before leaving work, check all the doors and windows of the office building, the use of electricity and air-conditioning on each floor. Once you leave the office, you must close the windows and lock the door; turn off the air-conditioning, computers and other electrical facilities to ensure the department’s own safety .

4. Departments with important equipment should set up special personnel to be responsible for them and strictly manage them to avoid liability accidents of property loss or unreasonable damage.

5. In key areas such as power distribution rooms, canteens, equipment rooms, warehouses, financial rooms, and archives, relevant departments must strictly implement various safety measures such as fire prevention and anti-theft, and combine air defense and technical defense to strengthen scientific management. Eliminate hidden safety hazards.

6. All departments (personnel) should report to their superiors in time when discovering major problems and hidden dangers and eliminate them in time.

7. The security department of the office building should carefully inspect and maintain the TV monitoring system to ensure that it is open 24 hours a day and works well. Non-related personnel are prohibited from entering the TV monitoring room. If you need to watch the surveillance video, you must obtain the consent of the relevant person in charge of the office.

8. During the holidays, the personnel on duty must stick to their posts, earnestly perform their duties on duty, and keep a record of shifts on time. Those who need to work overtime must register at the duty office. Sudden incidents and important situations shall be reported to superiors in time and dealt with in a timely manner.