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Job description for temporary security
- 2020-07-08-

Job description for temporary security

Our company will also accept some temporary security orders to provide customers with standard services. The scope of services mostly provides security services for shopping malls, press conferences, meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, concerts, temporary meetings, large-scale events and other places.

Temporary securityMost of them appear on the scene of some short-term activities, while the areas that require security for a long time are residential areas, office buildings, etc. You can find units in need through security companies or the Internet.

Our company's description of temporary security services is as follows:

1. Mainly to provide security services for major events (including exhibitions, concerts, autograph sessions) or parking lots.

2. Maintain the personal and financial safety of the personnel on the site.

3. Maintain the order at the scene, and resolve any disputes in time.

4. Register the number of people or vehicles in the security area.

5. It is necessary to conduct safety inspections on site personnel to prevent accidents.

6. In the end, the venue needs to be cleared to solve some safety problems or other accidents encountered by customers during the event.

Our pricing is different for different scenarios. Because every customer has different requirements for security services, and the environment is also different, the charging standards are different. If you provide temporary security services for famous people, the price will be slightly higher.