Norms of permanent security
- 2020-07-09-

Code of conduct for permanent security

1. Talk naturally.Permanent securityNo matter where you are talking, your attitude needs to be sincere, generous, and natural. At the beginning of the conversation, create an ideal atmosphere, have a soft tone, treat everyone equally, look focused, and face the person you are talking to. Don't pretend to be false, pretend, speak insincerely, and talk boastfully. In addition, the issue of confidentiality must be avoided and the question must be refused.

2. Civilized language. When the resident security guard talks with people on duty, his tone should be cordial and natural, and his speech should be generous and decent. For example, when checking and verifying your identity, you should say "Comrade (or Mr., Miss), please show your valid ID. After verification, you should also say "Thank you" or "Thank you for your cooperation and cooperation." "Because of the rules and regulations, please open your bag and check. "After the inspection, you should say "Thank you" or "Thank you for your cooperation"; if you are thankful to yourself, you should say: "No thanks, this is What we should do, thank you for your cooperation."

3. Walking steadily. When walking, keep your body straight, look ahead, and alternate your legs forward in rhythm. Walk lightly and steadily. When walking in public, obey the national traffic rules. When walking, you must walk on the sidewalk, and cross the road, you must also use the crosswalk; if there is no emergency, you must be courteous to pedestrians; when you talk to people, you must step aside and do not block others. When walking, be careful not to look around. If you bump into someone or step on someone’s foot, you must take the initiative to apologize immediately. Resident security guards are not allowed to eat, smoke, or put their hands in their trouser pockets when they walk in uniform, and they are not allowed to joke or laugh while walking.

4. Sitting generously. When permanent security guards are on duty, they must sit generously. Do not hang your shoulders, lift your feet, shake your body, or shake your legs when sitting. Sit upright with your upper body upright and look at each other with your eyes, so that you can look full of energy.

5. Stand dignified. The permanent security guard is on duty. When standing, the back should be straight, the shoulders should be flattened, the head should be raised and the chest and abdomen should be flattened, and the body posture should be maintained. At the same time, the spirit and serious attitude can reflect the momentum of a permanent security guard. And dignity.