Part of the management system of the Security Services Limited
- 2020-07-09-

Security Services Limited’s Management System

A security service company is a type of security service company that is approved by the provincial people’s government and public security organs in accordance with the law, and is supervised by the public security organs of the municipal people’s government to dispatch security guards and provide patrols and guards for agencies, groups, enterprises and institutions. , Personal guards, door guards, escorts, security risk assessments, security inspections and security technology prevention companies.

The security service company has a variety of services. The following is the management system for company security, which can be roughly divided into the following points:

1. The security work in the area is the responsibility of all security personnel and their departments. The management of the security personnel in the management area must be strengthened to ensure that the security personnel perform their own security duties, strictly implement the required security measures, and ensure that the management area Various safety.

2. Strictly register the information of visitors and their vehicles. All personnel in the management area must first be notified by the guard to the relevant department, and the information should be registered on the visit registration form, indicating the cause, and then the relevant department will give a special reception. It is strictly forbidden for outsiders to move around and enter the company randomly.

3. Security personnel must earnestly implement the security work of each department. Check the usage of doors, windows, lights, air conditioners, etc. before leaving get off work and shifting shifts. Once all personnel leave, they must close windows and lock doors; turn off air conditioners, computers and other electrical facilities to ensure the department’s own safety.

4. Departments with important equipment, instruments and meters should have special personnel responsible for strict management to avoid liability accidents such as loss of property.

5. In key areas such as power distribution room, equipment room, financial room, canteen, warehouse, archives, etc., relevant departments must strictly implement various safety measures such as fire prevention and anti-theft, combine human defense and technical defense, strengthen management, and eliminate hidden dangers .

6. All departments (personnel) should report to the top in time when discovering major problems and hidden dangers and eliminate them in time.

The Security Co., Ltd. has comprehensive security services. Now, the public is paying more and more attention to the safety of themselves and their property, and their safety awareness is advancing by leaps and bounds. This industry is also developing vigorously.