Security guard service system
- 2020-07-09-

Security guard service system

Security guard service is the most common type of security service, and it is also one of the fastest growing security services so far. The main responsibility of the security guard service is to maintain the safety and order in the client unit. To ensure the safety of various properties in the unit, prevent the loss of materials, theft or loss of company secrets, the unauthorized bringing in of dangerous goods, and the mixing of criminals, etc., our company will conduct investigations on everything entering and exiting the unit.

The following is our company's management system for security guard services:

1. Security guard service content:

1. The security guards maintain customer safety by inspecting and recording the entrances and exits of the customer units

2. Check the credentials of the personnel entering and exiting, the entry and exit must be registered, and the entry of irrelevant personnel is prohibited

3. Routine inspections of incoming and outgoing personnel, vehicles, and their carried or loaded items to prevent the loss of the client’s property or the inflow of contraband

4. Command and evacuate into the vehicle to maintain normal traffic order

5. Find out the illegal behavior of suspicious persons in time, intercept the stolen goods, and do a good job of safety precautions

6. Assist the client unit to do a good job in the reception of foreign visitors

2. Operating procedures for security guard services

1. Develop a guard duty plan:①Determine the plan; ②Determine the location of the gate; ③Determine the handling plan for various situations

2. Work flow:Pre-job preparation→door guard service implementation→emergency handling

3. Duty system:① Shift shift system; ② Request for instructions and report system; ③ Duty inspection system; ④ Duty registration system