Security Patrol Service Standard
- 2020-07-09-

Security Patrol Service Standard

1. Timeliness

Security Patrol ServiceThe security guard should arrive at work at least 10 minutes in advance, and make relevant preparations in accordance with the security’s appearance regulations before starting.

2. Accuracy

1. The security patrol must prepare walkie-talkies and communication tools, and wear them according to regulations.

2. Start work in their respective patrol areas according to the assigned tasks, and patrol continuously during the work period.

3. Check the record of assigned items, carefully inquire about the status of the items assigned by the transferor, and do a good job in the transfer.

3. Civilization

1. When the security guards patrol, they are full of energy and have regular actions, showing the image of our company as a security guard.

2. Security guards inspect the parking lot, comprehensive service building, and tourist roads along the scenic spot to protect the facilities and the personal and property safety of tourists.

Four, safety requirements

1. Inspect, discover, report and promptly eliminate various hidden safety hazards, prevent accidents such as fires, and reduce illegal violations such as robbery and theft.

2. When patrolling at night, be vigilant and protect your own safety.

Five, dress code

1. When patrolling, you must wear the uniform of your post. The buttons must be fastened. The coat is not allowed to open, and the sleeves and trousers are not allowed to be rolled up. The badge is worn uniformly at work, and the badge is worn on the left breast.

2. Do not pack over-thick items in the uniform jacket pocket, and do not wear irrelevant decorations. The walkie-talkie is worn on the belt of the left case uniformly, and the walkie-talkie is used for the left hand handset.