Responsibilities of property management security
- 2020-07-09-

Responsibilities of property management security

Our company forProperty management securityThe management of the property has strict requirements, and its responsibilities are also strictly defined. The following are the responsibilities of property management security:

(1) Responsibilities of security guards:1. Dressing must be neat and tidy, start and transfer shifts according to the prescribed time, be loyal to their duties, and not talk to unrelated personnel when on duty.2. Responsible for the inspection of outsiders and vehicles, and register in strict accordance with relevant entry and exit regulations. We will politely discourage strangers and vehicles who do not meet the requirements of the regulations who want to enter the community. Suspicious situations and suspects must be vigilant and reported in time to ensure the personal and property safety of the community owners.3. It is strictly forbidden to be bought or bribed, salesmen and peddlers are prohibited from entering or leaving the community, and decoration teams are not allowed to enter the community without authorization to find "business".4. Large trucks over 2.5 tons are prohibited from entering the community, and dangerous goods are strictly prohibited from entering the community.5. Complete the work assigned by the superior.

(2) Security responsibilities of responsible posts:1. Responsible for the security management of floors, safety passages, aisles, parking lots, green areas, passing vehicles and other public places in each responsibility area. The main responsibility for the safety of the area during the duty period.2. Responsible for managing the vehicles entering the responsibility area, keeping the road unblocked, parking the vehicles in an orderly manner, and checking whether the parked vehicles have anti-theft locks; pay attention to whether the driver and the vehicle are abnormal before driving, and if they are suspicious, check immediately to ensure safety.

(3) Security responsibilities of the monitoring center:1. Responsible for TV recording of important areas and suspicious situations.2. Responsible for the storage of evidence such as video tapes.3. Responsible for inquiring the location of the alarm personnel, promptly contacting the security guard for on-site inspection and handling in time.

(4) Security responsibilities of patrol post:1. Responsible for patrolling the property under the jurisdiction according to the prescribed patrol route and prescribed time, pay attention to the public security and fire protection situation, and make good records.2. Responsible for inquiring about all suspicious personnel, promptly persuading salesmen and other people to leave.

(5) Responsibilities of parking lot security:1. Maintain the public security and traffic order of the parking lot, divert the flow of the parking lot, ensure smooth traffic, and coordinate and direct vehicles to park in designated parking spaces.2. Remind the owners or guests to close the doors and windows of the unit and the house before leaving the car, take away all their belongings in the car, and do patrol work to ensure the safety of the vehicles in the area.