Competence required for business special insurance
- 2020-07-09-

Competence required for business special insurance

The staff of our company's business special insurance need to have the following business capabilities:

1. Excellent personal fitness:Special security occupations are different from conventional security occupations. They have higher requirements for physical fitness and require the body to be able to withstand the test of various bad conditions.1. Strength. Strength refers to the ability of human muscles to exhibit force effects under high tension (muscle length has not changed) or high contraction (muscle length has been shortened).2. Speed. Speed ​​quality refers to the ability of the human body to move quickly.3. Endurance. Endurance refers to the body's ability to move for a long time or fight fatigue.4. Sensitive. Sensitivity refers to the ability of athletes to quickly, accurately and coordinately change body movements under various sudden changes.5. Flexibility. Including softness and toughness, flexibility is the foundation, and toughness is the most important.

2. Fearlessness:Fearless spirit refers to not being afraid in the face of danger, not being surprised when in danger.Only by possessing a fearless spirit, can they face danger without fear, without surprise, and enable the bodyguards to exert their maximum physical strength and ability to effectively complete their tasks.

3. Sensitive alert response:Vigilance refers to a sensitive and rapid response of the human body to external stimuli, which is the ability to receive relatively weak information from the outside world.

4. Familiar with fighting skills:Familiarity with fighting skills is an important guarantee for time-limited special protection tasks.The fighting skills of special security personnel are divided into two parts: skill and ability. Skill refers to the content and methods of fighting; ability refers to the ability to use these fighting skills, that is, fighting skills.