High-end security

High-end security

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High-end security

①High-end security: perfect remote monitoring function

Equipment remote inspection, remote image adjustment, remote parameter setting, real-time remote monitoring intercom.

②High-end security: advanced intelligent analysis system

Intrusion alarm system, video surveillance system, entrance and exit control system, intelligent patrol system, paging intercom system, explosion-proof security inspection system, emergency button system, etc.

③High-end security: electronic map

It can display the exact location of the alarm point on the electronic map, as well as the police force distribution near the alarm point, the distribution of cameras and other information.

④High-end security: voice intercom

The monitoring command center can conduct two-way conversations with users: one is that users themselves can talk to employees or family members in real time, and the other is that when an alarm occurs, they can verify or scare away suspects by voice.

⑤High-end security: professional team

The company’s monitoring and commanding platform has a skilled and experienced monitoring and check-in and emergency response team. Relying on a technologically advanced and powerful monitoring and reporting platform, the company provides 24-hour monitoring and check-in services and user call response services.

⑥High-end security: video image round robin

Through the secondary command platform, the video images of the user monitoring system are monitored and patrolled, and special security and key monitoring areas are checked in to achieve active monitoring and prevention and control of key areas at specific times.

⑦High-end security: receiving and handling police

Check the alarm information and equipment failure information uploaded by networked outlets in real time, and confirm the cause of the report through remote image review, telephone notification to the user contact, remote call and reply, etc., and immediately dispatch the nearest security guard or professional emergency team to the nearest guard Check on the spot and decide whether to report to 110, 120, 119 and other relevant units according to the situation on the spot; submit an abnormal alarm report to the customer afterwards.

⑧High-end security: insurance claims

Pay the users who have suffered losses from theft in accordance with the insurance claims service of the terms of service.

⑨High-end security: customer service

24-hour telephone service response, answering and responding to users' equipment repairs, difficult consultations and service requirements at any time, timely reporting to users of problem handling and service progress, and relying on advanced user database and process information management system, monitoring command center can store wells Manage a large number of users, systems, events and service processes and other information to regularly submit operational analysis reports such as alarm handling, equipment operation and service statistics to users.

⑩High-end security: troubleshooting

24-hour service response, timely and thorough troubleshooting of various failures of the security system, and replacement of backup equipment for equipment failures that cannot be resolved in a short time. 0Insurance claims: to compensate users who have suffered losses from theft and robbery according to the insurance claims service of the terms of service.